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Storm Jackets have been the camera cover of choice for thousands of professional photographers worldwide for more than 15 years.

WarmCards are a specially-designed set of white balance cards that make it easy to get a warmer, richer, more pleasing colors from professional cameras

Since 2005, Doug Jensen's in-depth instructional videos and camcorder field guides have become the gold standard for training in the video and television production industries.


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4K and HFR
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Royalty-free InstaBackgrounds make high-quality interview setups with sophisticated lighting and shallow depth-of-field easy – regardless of your camera, budget, or location.

Doug Jensen's in-depth workshops provide a real world, serious approach to professional video and television production education.

License Vortex Media's vast library of royalty-free 4K, HD, and HFR stock footage at Shutterstock, Adobe Stock, and Getty Images.

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