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MasterClass Videos and Field Guide Books

Since 2005, Doug Jensen's in-depth MasterClass instructional videos and camcorder field guides have been the gold standard for training in the video and television production industries.

Field Guide Books for Sony cameras:

Z750, F55, FS7, F800

MasterClass Workshops for Sony cameras:

FX6, Z280, FS7, FS5  Z90, PMW-200, F3, Z150,  FS100

MasterClass Workshops for other cameras:

Panasonic S1H, Canon XF305

Other MasterClass Workshops:

Wildlife Cinematography

How to Make Money Shooting Stock Footage

How to Set up and Shoot Awesome Interviews with LED Lights

Guide to Grading Sony S-LOG & RAW in DaVinci Resolve

Custom On-site or Remote Training

Custom on-site training is a specialized learning program created just for your organization and delivered right at your workplace. Compared to traditional offsite training programs that require employees to travel and disrupt their work schedules, custom on-site training offers unmatched flexibility. Training can be scheduled around your existing workflow, minimizing disruption and maximizing employee engagement.  

A significant advantage of custom on-site training is the ability to practice newly acquired skills in the actual work environment. By including hands-on exercises in the training program, employees can immediately put their new knowledge to use in real-world situations they face every day. This approach helps reinforce learning and improves knowledge retention, making the workforce more skilled and productive.

Download Custom Sony S-Cinetone LUTS

For use with Premiere, FCP, Resolve.

Doug Jensen, Freelance Cameraman

Stock Footage



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