Booster LUTS

Doug Jensen has created FOUR custom LUTs that can help anyone get better-looking images from their Sony FX6 (or any other Sony camera that offers S-Cinetone) when they do NOT want to shoot with S-LOG3.  Such as when you’re shooting for a client who doesn't want to deal with an S-LOG workflow in post, or for a fast-turnaround production where there simply won't be any time for serious grading in Resolve.  The LUTs are called "S-CINETONE BOOSTERS" .  All four of the booster LUTs are fully compatible with Resolve, Premiere, Final Cut Pro, and any other NLE that allows you to import custom LUTs.

Watch these tutorial videos to learn:

  • Why these booster are needed.
  • How to install them.
  • How to use them in post.

MasterClass Videos


Discontinued products (available while supplies last):